May 30, 2012

Interview With The Artist, Why I Do What I Do

I was recently contacted by a lovely student that had come across my artwork and wanted to write a school report on it and myself. Needless to say I was completely flattered and couldn't wait to oblige. It dawned on me that perhaps all of you would like a bit more insight into why I do what I do. So please enjoy this brief interview I shared with the student, Jasmine.

1.    What influences you to paint the things you do? Why?

I would say 90% of what I paint is what I call ‘prophetic art’. Prophetic art is art that is created from a direct connection with God. I often find while praying and or worshiping in song and dance that God gives me visions/pictures that I can see in my “mind’s eye” that have a specific meaning and truth to them.

The other 10% of my paintings, basic landscapes and such, I paint just to see if I can as well these are the kinds of paintings I teach to my private students who are often beginners.

2. What techniques do you use?

I am what you consider a self-taught artist. I have no formal or college training in art. I actually went to college for business tech/management and entrepreneurship. On that note, when painting, I mostly use acrylic mediums. I try to keep the strokes loose so that they can still be seen in the end product. As well, I often use mediums that enhance the texture of my paintings. I know that when I connect with a piece of artwork I immediately want to reach out and touch it and grasp a deeper connection with it, I want my viewers to do the same.

  3. Is there any important meanings behind your paintings? Do you have   
      any examples?

Yes, of course. Because most of my art is prophetic most   have meanings or stories that accompany them. I love telling a pieces story.


Inspiration/Story Behind This Painting- Thine Princess
An expressionism portrait of my daughter, only an older version. Trinity is currently 3 years old but I see how she will blossom into a beautiful Princess of The King. All our daughters are divine beings and should always be reminded of that. This chunky #3 canvas contains the colorful expression portrait of my daughter; only an older version. Trinity is currently 3 years old but I see how she will blossom into a beautiful Princess of The King. All our daughters are divine beings and should always be reminded of that.

Inspiration- Breaking Chains
This started as a very complex vision in comparison to the final product.

My Minds Eye:
With eyes closed during a church service I am listening to people sing, Break Every Chain. I begin to see a vision...
I see thousands of men and women naked & dirty in an open field, bent over & chained to the ground. I also see an army of angels in white radiant suits of armor on the hill over looking the people. The army charges down the hill with swords raised. They rush into the crowed of helpless people and bring their swords down on their chains, shattering them and freeing the people.

Process Of Elimination:
The size of your canvas will have much to do with how much your idea will need to be simplified
What is the main point of this idea?
Being freed from the metaphorical chains by the power of the Lord.
So from that I can decide that one human form will suffice to make the point.
I will need chains.
I will need a sword, which will easily represent a cross as well to represent the spiritual metaphor.
Even the angel itself became something I could eliminate.
I used the swirls of color to also represent the metaphorical emotional & spiritual battle taking place. Doing this also created a focus on the figure, chains, & sword.

4. When did you first start painting?
My earliest memory of painting jeeze..I hate when artist say “oh, I   have always been an artist.” But I have fond memories of my finger paints from early childhood, mostly because they felt cool. My earliest memory of a prophetic painting though I have to say I was maybe 5-7 years old. I have only taken myself seriously as an artist over the past 2 years.
5. What colors do you repeatedly use?  Why?

I find that I primarily use brighter more saturated colors and primary tinted tones. Usually, I have an emotion that I feel is represented by a particular color.

6. Do you have any wise words or tips for others who want to paint too?
I would say:

#1 experiment and find what mediums and techniques work best for you. Sign up for a couple classes with a local artist or art gallery. There is less commitment than a college course and I have always felt that college courses can reduce art to a technical medium rather than an emotional one.

#2 Paint what you feel, not what may be popular, be truest to yourself before all others. It will pay off in the end.

#3 Don’t under value yourself or your art. If you are not sure if you are any good… walk into your local art galleries and gift shops that feature local artist and ask to have the curator take a look. I have gotten much constructive criticism this way, as well as my art into the gallery. Always get more than one opinion. Art is interpretive and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

#4 Never Give Up!

May 23, 2012

Bucket List- Summer 2012

I love the idea of a bucket list, but lets face it; none of us know when this life will come to an end and a list full of long term goals is to easy to put off again and again.  So I’ve decided to do a mini bucket list for the summer. I will share mine with you guys n gals but I highly encourage you to do the same!

The summer can fly by before we know it and how many things do we take for granted all around us? Get online and Google what is going on in your local area and make a list of easily achievable “bucket” items and I promise your whole summer won’t seem to be wasted behind a desk or chillin’ inside watching way to much TV.


Enjoy at least 3 free twilight concert nights at Santa Monica Pier

Take a weekend romantic trip to some where within 4hrs- hello timeshare!

Find the best Lobster available

See a Cirque’ de –Sumthin'

Attend Spirit West Coast in Del Mar- fingers crossed

Go swimming at least once a week

Find a funnel cake! And eat it ALL

Take a train or bus to Santa Barbara Zoo

May 20, 2012

Sexy & I Know It

Who couldn’t use a boost of confidence and energy? Today I want to share with all the hot momma’s out there my secret on sneaking in a lil’ exercise while having loads of fun.
Step 1:
Turn up the tunes. Crank up the radio, plug in your ipod, or my fav - free online custom radio stations

Step 2:
Get naked! Or if you prefer a clothed option, let me suggest something a bit scandal’y clad that makes you feel super sexy and confident.

Step 3:
Shake that! Dance!! Move what your momma gave ya, girl.

I tend to take time to do this almost every day. For me the best time to squeeze in nake’ time is after my shower while getting dressed. Maybe you will need to allow for a lil’ extra time in your routine but trust me it is totally worth it!  Confidence is a big fat factor in everything we do. So whether you are about to go out for a night on the town, prepping for a job interview, or just finding the motivation to carry on with the house chores; feeling secretly sexy will boost your outward confidence noticeably.  Plus, the boost your giving your body by (pardon my language) exercising (uggh , I hate that word) will make you feel more awake and energized.

May 17, 2012

Nightmares & Blessings

We have all had a nightmare or two that sticks with us emotionally when we wake. We awaken to a fast beating heart, fear, anger, and perhaps tears. What can we take from those that stem from our truest, deepest and darkest fears?

I experienced one of these nightmares myself just last night. I awoke with a fright in my heart. I had dreamed my husband confessed unemotionally that he had been unfaithful since even before our marriage.  He was cold and uncaring of my inevitable heartbreak.  He wanted nothing to do with reconciliation and my emotional distress and his indiscretions were all my own to deal with.  My heart broke and I felt my mind crack and I became distraught and murderous.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, my phone has a random alarm go off at 3:30-something in the AM and awakens me from this terrible hell. In shock I am fully aware of the epic drama that has just occurred in my head. I know it isn’t true and my husband comforts me. I realize quickly this dream was not about my husband, John, but a horrifying re-living of my previous marriage. I sit up in bed realizing this and it brings me to tears that come from a wound of deep seeded pain and betrayal just as sore as it was the day it was created.

Today I realize that some heart ache’s never heal, to the point that it just doesn’t matter or that it’s like it never happened. True heartbreak and betrayal can never be written off. Why, do I say this? What about forgiveness you ask? Forgiveness can be found and as time passes we move on and the pain is no longer apart of our daily lives, but, if we value our selves we can never say to the depth of our soul that it is ok for someone to treat us so cruelly.

The Face of God by Sheanna Marie
However, today I also realize how truly blessed I am now. How God has lifted me up from the trenches of darkness into a light and love like I have never known before.  We must find the strength to awaken ourselves from the nightmares of life and trust in the goodness of God to lift us up into euphoria.

Psalms 147:3
     He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

2 Corinthians 4:9 
     Persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed;
Love (multi-media) by Sheanna Marie

May 14, 2012

Better Blogger Network Now Open

The Better Blogger Network is now open to the public! What is the BBN you ask? Only the most awesome resource for bloggers of all backgrounds. Weather you are new to the blog-o-sphere or a veteran, everyone has some thing to give and too gain. 

What’s The Objective of The BBN? 

As a member let me give you the 411.We are creating a central location on the World Wide Web for bloggers to meet, connect and chat. Through this we can all grow  as better bloggers, faster! 

Meet other bloggers, therefore growing your online connections. 

Take advantage of the unique connections that can be made at BBN and team up with like-minded souls, maybe plan some trade posts and support  each other by trading buttons! 

The possibilities are endless and the set up of the site is conducive to that. 

In closing I would like to say “see ya’ll there”Connect with me at BBN HERE

May 13, 2012

Home Shopping Tips for 1st Timers

Speak Up

To get you guys up to date, my husband and I are house shopping. Supposed to be exciting, I know, but when you find yourself working with people that just aren’t working out it is very stressful! Maybe you can relate… If so perhaps you should speak up.

The Low Down
We are a military family in Ventura County CA
Our Budget: 250,000 - 275,000
Our Delima: Large housing gap in the market, anything that pops up in our price range that’s not a total poo hole sales fast!

How to know It Is Just Not a Good Fit

Your realtor should be sending you listings everyday. If your begging them to or its vice versa…time to move on.
If you are not contacted on a daily to bi-daily bases verbally. Without you calling first.
If the realtor is not familiar with the areas in which you are searching.
They can never work around your schedule and time constraints.
They over promise and under deliver…Like the ole’ sayin’ goes...If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.
Are you feeling mislead or getting less attention than you need

Get a Second Opinion

Call around and ask questions. Be honest; tell them what your situation is with your current realtor that way the “second opinion” can let you know if your situation is average and you are just not use to the process or if you should dump them. Ask the new realtor to send you some listings or suggest someone who may be better suited to help you.  Meet with the new realtor once you have found one that you “click” with. Don’t may need or want a 3rd and even 4th opinion

In our experience a second opinion really worked out. After being totally irritated with our realtor and being stood up for a showing for over 45 minuets I made some phone calls. The 1st realtor I called suggested another realtor familiar with our area and who had a good reputation. This woman was amazing! She successfully accomplished in one day what we had been trying to accomplish with the other realtor for three weeks.

Just remember realtor’s work on commission. You owe them nothing and are under no contract. They get paid when they finish the deal. Do not feel obligated to someone who isn’t doing his or her best for you.

May 10, 2012

Silly Birthday Cupcakes

For my daughters 4th birthday I decided she would get a girls only theme, because her brother had a boys only sleepover on his birthday AND because I got to do something super girly. Yeah!

I decided on mommy –n-me tea theme. I choose this for 2 reasons. 1: I love tea parties. 2: it was a catchy theme that made the parents know I would enjoy their company rather than being a free 2 hr babysitter.* Wink *

I decided to serve snack trays and cupcakes. Just to make it fun and quirky I went with these awesome cupcakes from Our Best Bites They look like real food! It being my 1st cupcakes ever I can say they are beginner friendly.

I used a cake and frosting mix from the local Trader Joes and followed the decorating directions from OBB recipe box.
Birthday Girl
Handmade Invitations
Available in my ETSY Shop