July 20, 2012

Business Slow? Don't Give Up!

Do not dispare my fellow small business folk! I am writing this post to strike hope into the hearts of all of you who are just inches away from giving up. I know that following your dreams can be hard, especially in this economy. No, I don't have any magic formula or guaranteed way to start making you millions today..but if anyone out there has one please leave it in a comment!

I am only here today to say "I know how you feel". I started my business at the 1st of the year. I mean literally January 1st. It was my goal for the year to start a successful business that would generate me a full time income, doing what I love, ART! I have a business degree, the know how, some experience..it will be a snap! Or so I thought. Months go by, like 7 of them and the only sales I've made are to my family members. God bless um'. But that simply was not what all I had in mind for my business.

So after a while of being completely disappointed and nearly abandoning my ETSY Shop altogether. *ah ahh ahhh, Angels singing* I happened to be cleaning out my abandoned email and I see it. Congratulations On Your First Sale! What?!? I can't tell you the excitement and re-established motivation I had.

I contact the lady, seeing as it had been a few days, and 2 stock orders turned into 4 custom orders. Wow! Not to mention the much needed compliments and belief that this woman has that I will one day be a well known artist.

God doesn't stop there. Just to show me he's been listening and that his hand of blessing is on me, the very next morning I receive a text from a customer who wants me to paint a custom mural in his back yard. If you feel that you are on the path God has lead you to, be patient, the blessing will come in due time. Keep praying and see what The Lord is teaching you in your time of drought. For me I knew even when it was happening he was teaching me patience and perseverance. Most of all , don't give up!