December 19, 2013

Re-Branding Coming Soon!

Hello My Near and Dear Followers,

Wow! where did 2013 go? My baby was born and as of today is 1 year old! My business and artistic ventures have taken new and exciting paths inspired by the birth of my daughter Lillian. As well inventory of my newest works of the year flew out the door before they ever got put on my store "shelf". I increased my social media outreach and am now celebrating hundreds of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram! As we barrel toward 2014 I am happy to announce a long coming re-branding that will be taking affect due to a new collaboration that will kick off in the new year and has been in production mode for the better part of 2013. Who is my new partner in crime?? Non other than the wonderful John Hartley!

My husband and I have finally been able to go into business together and I am very excited to show you all what we have in store!

June 24, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

Its that time of year again! The sun is shining and everyone just wants to have a li fun! Not to mention how the year is flying by and I'm desperate to not fall behind. Needless to say, my bucket list is jam packed. So without further adieu...


Eat At Neptune's Net 
This Week!- Launching My Children's Art Line 
June 26th Closet World Design For the Kids
June 28th Wisdom Teeth Removal *yikes* 
July 3rd LAX- Flights & Photo shoots
July 4th Despicable Me2 and Picnic Fireworks Celebration W/ Friends
July 7th LAX- Flights & Photo shoots
July 13th-16th San Diego To Visit My BFF n Her Family
July 19th The WallFlowers Concert At The Majestic Ventura Theatre
Aug 11th LAX- Homecoming and Photoshoot
At Least 1 Free Twilight Concert At Santa Monica Pier
Free Concerts At The Collection
Paint & Set Up Baby Crib
Completing My Sons Bedroom Makeover *all DIY*
Experimenting In Art Photography And Printing
Investigating My Local Market
Prep For Time Share In Winter  *NOW END OF SUMMER!*
August 13th-17thish Vegas Vacay *happy birthday to me*
Aug 14th My Birthday! *woohoo*
Aug 16th/17th My Birthday Celebration!! *double woohoo**tenative*
Visit The Beach And Or Park Once A Week *fingers crossed*
Take Advantage Of My Girls Only Status While Cam Is On His Vacay *it will help pass the time :(*
Regular Tuesday Coffee With The Ladies 
Hmmm....Anything Else??  
O' Be A Better Blogger! LOL
Better Get Started!

What are your plans? Comment below!

June 23, 2013

Dry Ice Science Experiment With Kids

Soooo...We had some dry ice. Not your typical every day item but we had gotten in a refrigerated shipment and at the bottom was a huge section of dry ice! "I can not let this go to waste" I thought! I remember the class mom coming in around halloween with a bubbling cauldron of dry ice. So I did a lil' google'ing and watched a lil youtube and this is what I came up with. (you can pick up dry ice at your local grocer.)

First I collected some empty glass containers I had lying around the kitchen. Then I added some hot water and food coloring. It is important to use Hot water not cold..the hotter the water the stronger the effect. After the water begins to cool the show is wrapping up.

 husband was breaking the ice into smaller chunks.

Then we took our supplies outside to avoid a huge mess in the house. However, when cleaning up we put everything in the kitchen sink and got some cool, mess free results as well.

I let the kids add some dish soap to our dry ice and hot water.

The kids can get close as long as the just don't reach into the glass. Remember safety 1st! Dry ice is 110 degrees below zero, OUCH! Be sure there is always a responsible adult with the proper tools, gloves &  metal tongs, to handle the dry ice.

June 5, 2013

Wisdom Of A Child

I'm taking a moment to look deeper into the wisdom that so often comes from my children's mouths.! I need to start writing this stuff down anyways!

Trinity (my 5yr old daughter): We should go to the candy store! Where is a candy store!?

Me: I don't know where a candy store is.

Trin: Ask JESUS, mom!! Jesus knows the answer to everything!!!

Trinity actually does talk of Jesus often. Citing Him for all her knowledge and answer to every problem.
As cute and innocent as this is, how much more it is solid foundational TRUTH!

We spiritual people always like to accredit God as the all knowing, all seeing, everywhere, all the time God. But, do we truly believe it? Do we live it? Do we go to God with all of our needs, wants, curiosities and so forth. Or do we just save God for the BIG problems in life that we have no control over and or feel there is no answer too. Do we just wait till we are throwing our hands in the air and saying "WELL, God knows best and knows more than me obviously."

Where exactly am I going with all this? Well..I don't really know! But what I do know is this. When I slow down and marinade in the small truths and joys that are along the way in this truly creates a greater peace and all consuming KNOWLEDGE that I am able to reserve and store up for the harder times in life. Take note my friends in all life's wisdom and joy as they come and do not pass up the spiritual nourishment that you will need for the ebbs and flows of life.

May 8, 2013

List Of 33 Must Take Photos During Your Pregnancy

With this pregnancy being the last pregnancy I plan on having, I wanted to cherish each and every moment. I am lucky enough to have connections with many wonderful photographers and took the opportunity to make a business deal with a close photographer friend of mine. I gave him a great deal on a hand painted outdoor mural and he returned the favor by spending one day a week helping me document my baby bump. I spent time on Pinterest making an inspiration board. I didn't get in every single idea I thought of but here are my favorites from week 19-36. Our daughter and final piece to our family was born right on the 37 week mark! So here is my list of must take pics during your pregnancy.

 Visually mark your weeks, chalk boards wok great for this.

Gender reveal!

Keep a current profile pic up on your social media sites.

Something glamorous but still you.

Dont forget to profile your growing bump!

Don't forget to show how genuienly excited you are!

Involve the whole family.

Have a paint fight!!

Show the love.

Something Artistic.

Something soft and lovely.

Shiny Confetti captures sparkle and fun.

 Try Confetti!

Something enchanted, capture your inner princess.

Somewhere beautiful.

BFF Bumps are a must!

High contrast of light and shadow make for beautiful bump profiles as your belly grows.

Belly close-up. Standing behind sheer curtains or lace provide a soft feminine touch.

Something sweet.

Facebook banners are important too!

Celebrate the seasons.

Something Chic.

You can be pregnant and fabulous!

Be the beauty queen of your baby shower.

Capture the journey. A simple photo from behind while walking a path is poetic of the journey your family is taking.

Use local scenery to your advantage.

Get close.

Be candid.

 Be romantic.

 Capture the intimacy. 
Useing your personal bedroom is a good way to create a relaxed and intimate environment. 
Be Sexy. After all, its how we got to this point, don't loose it!

Reflect on the past...present...and future. We re-shot our engagement pics on our anniversary.

Don't forget to do your belly cast and cherish your bump forever!

May 7, 2013

I'm Back

Hello, Hello Again!
After a pregnancy (that left me exhausted) a home birth (that changed my life!) regrouping and reorganizing my personal life AND my business I am on track with my plans to re-launch this spring! Thanks to everyone who has continued to follow me cant wait to catch you all up soon!