February 25, 2012

Make your mark

To be a truly successful artisan, I feel that you MUST be making a mark in your local community. By this I mean you need to get out there amongst the people. The people you are trying to sell to AND your co-artisans. After all, can you genuinely be satisfied as an artist without the crucial critiques,opinions, and insider advice of these people? Getting involved in your local artist association/s is one of the best ways to do this. You will meet others in your field that ARE thriving as independent artist and you can learn so much about what TO and NOT to do. As well, being involved in a well established organization can put you on the front lines of your LOCAL buying audience.

I just yesterday joined my 1st Artist association. 
Let me tell you how it went and what all I gained.
My journey first started with research. I googled all my local associations and artist venues. I logged all of these in my planner then began making phone calls. During my conversations I asked detailed questions about my options,(many artist associatons are non profit so they allow non member participation) costs, & benefits while taking notes. One thing I made a point at was that I wanted to start getting my work into the public eye and available for sale. The next week I went in for an appointment with a head director of one of my local organizations. I brought along a small variety of paintings to show case and it is do or die time. She and her assistant are ready to see what I'm really made of. Of course my nerves set in with the 1st unveiling but I remember that this IS what I want and I might not succeed my 1st time around. However, I did! Yea me! AND I gained some valuable info which I will detail on in a later blog post. For now I say good luck and start pursuing your dreams

February 21, 2012

Hobby or new way of life??

Are you a crafter or "hobbyists"? Well you obviously love what you are doing or you wouldn't be taking the time from your schedule to do it, ya? So how do you know your not really on the path to your new life; your new you?! 

Have you ever sold anything you have made? Has anyone ever seen your work then asked you to make one for them? If you answered yes you might want to start giving yourself and your lil hobby some more credit. If people are showing a genuine interest in your work you probably have the potential to make an actual income from your creations.

Intimidated? making excuses yet? STOP BEING NEGATIVE! With some patients, concentration, and good support you may be closer to being an entrepreneur than you think.

I personally have been to college for entrepreneurship & business tech and mngt. BUT DON'T BE MISTAKEN...when it came to sitting down and starting my own business..all my education and training retreated to their original hiding places inside of my mind. Sure, I could sit down and write an impressive business plan for someone else's dreams. When it came to my own, the intimidation of failure and being completely overwhelmed took over.

HOWEVER, I have a wonderful support team. AND THIS IS THE 1ST TIP I GIVE TO YOU MY FELLOW CRAFTERS!! THE ONE TIP NO ONE EVER TOLD ME...Get someone or someones behind you that TRULY believe in you. I'm not just talking about pats on the back and half sincere at-a-boys. I mean you need to team up with at least one GOOD person that WILL PUSH you. For me that person is my husband, John. If it were not for him I do not think I could be where I am now..(where am I now you ask? I am now earning a part time income, just from doing what I love WHILE staying at home with my children)

What do I mean by someone willing to push you...here are some qualities to look for in your 2nd hand man (or women):

They DO NOT accept "I can't", "I'm not sure", "not today", "maybe later", "I don't wana" or ANY other B.S. answers/excuses.

They are willing and have the authority to make SOME decisions for you. (for me it is making those necessary investments into myself and business that I am too intimidated by failure to make)

They are SERIOUS about your business. 

They are willing to INVEST TIME into your business. (John, helps with babysitting and bookkeeping)

So with this first gem of wisdom I leave you for now and say "DARE TO DREAM MY FRIENDS, THEN DARE TO TAKE ACTION"

-Sheanna Marie

February 14, 2012

Spreading the LOVE

I volunteer at my sons school once a week teaching art to his 2nd grade class. It is an interesting experience for me as an art teacher, to see what the younger students view of creativity is and see what they can handle. Trust me it is not always easy getting 30, eight year olds to pay attention, especially with more intricate instructions.

Are you an artist and or parent who gives back? How do you volunteer your talents to better your community....?? Any tips from you guys out there who volunteer regularly?

-Sheanna Marie

February 12, 2012

Love Connection

My palettes surface
What is your first reaction when you see a piece of art you LOVE? Some stare in admiration, while others simply study it's intricacies. Personally I always have an immediate reaction to reach out and touch the artwork. I not only want a heart and mind connection with the piece, but a physical connection as well. This may well be one of the reasons I work with a lot of texture in my own artistic endeavors. Wether a painting or a scrapbook page I want it to be interactive with the viewer.

February 11, 2012

Let's Get CONTROVERSIAL, Shall We..?

Nudity and Sexuality.

 yep, I said it...so those of you who are already cringing may should X out OR open your mind and provide us all with some food for thought, but PLEASE don't be rude or I shall SHAME you.

Do you think nudity and or sexuality can be artistic? Do you think they are one in the same, that the two cannot be separate from one another? Do you find it easier to handle the subject matter in a particular medium? i.e photography,painting,sculpture...

I believe nudity AND sexuality CAN be artistic. However, I do not find T-N-A magazines "artistic". I mean that the human body, male or female, is a beautiful and wondrous creation of God. As well, sex, when handled maturely, can be a sensual and invigorating subject.
I also do not think the two go hand in hand. You can be naked without being sexual (even though I know most men have trouble separating the two); and you can be sexy without being naked (now here is where I know you men can relate).
In my more modest, and yes, prudish days I found all nude or sexual photographic material offensive, suppressive, and subjugating. However, I have matured into my OWN person over the years and I PERSONALLY no longer fell this way about ALL photographic materials. Though, like most people I assume, I find even the most erotic subject matter easier to handle and contemplate when done in a "Fine Art" medium such as paintings or sculptures.

February 10, 2012

In What ARTISTIC MEDIUM Do You Express Yourself?

I want to know in what Mediums do you most often express your artistic abilities? Painter. photographer, sculptor, wood worker, metal worker, beader...???

I consider myself a painter at this particular moment. Although in the past I have worked full time in photography as a model and found photography quite expressive and artistic as well..if done tastefully I must add. Currently, I am full time into my painting. I prefer acrylics mostly but dabble in the intricacies and diverse forms of oil painting as well.
               How about you???