August 1, 2012

Give Your Business An Identity With The Public

Giving your business an identity with the public is extremely important for many reasons. I will break them down here for you Today and give you easy ways to cordinate your branding in my next post! So stay tuned in!

 Branding is really at the core of giving your business an identity, a face with the public. It is your logo, symbol, and or brand name that people can and will recognize and follow when they appreciate, invest, and share what your company offers.

Think of any and every product you personally invest in, from gas to garbage bags, cupcakes to cars, fast food to financial instatuitions. You recognize them by there branding whereever you are.

So, does your small business have a consistent identity that your followers could quickly recognize? Well, it should! In todays economy people are wanting to get the most for their money and are definitely shopping around. What does branding have to do with this? Let me tell you...

1. Branding helps the public quickly recognizeable your product and will relate your logo with either great or poor quality products. It helps them make a split secant decision to stop and browse your products or keep moving on.

2. Because they will relate your logo and brand name with good or poor quality products, before they even know what you offer, you want a quality brand name and logo, duh!

3. Consistant and professional branding, including but not limited to - your business cards, online store, blog, and fan pages makes you look reliable and gives the public a reassurance that you care about the quality of what you offer. It creates a confidence in your products.

4. A consistent identity will allow the public to recognize your products/stores and any official web pages, blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook fan pages and more and tell them apart from knock-offs and unofficial associations.

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