A bit about Me, Sheanna Marie

After moving across country four times and cocktailing, bartending, waitressing, selling cars, GO-GO dancing, modeling, counting ballots, stocking shelves, and a few to many craigslist scams; I re-connected with my paint brushes that I hadn’t picked up in years and started creating my own path to success.

The fear held me back at first. Once, I realized that even if/when the economy bounces back and I get a good job, that I probably still wouldn’t be happy; that is when I knew there was no better time than now to pursue my dreams. Of course I also have to attribute my bravery to an abundantly supportive husband. If it were not for his belief in me and the success I can have doing what I love, you would not be reading this.

I have no formal training in art, meaning I never went to collage and majored in it. In fact, I didn’t take any art classes in college at all. I attended Mississippi Gulf Coast Community Collage for a technical degree in Business Tech/Mngt and Entrepreneurship.  I guess I have always really wanted to be my own boss. I have to tell you though it takes a whole nother’ kind of courage to actually go through with it.