March 27, 2012

Color Me Beautiful.


Thinking about trying one of the latest hair trends?

Ombre & Candy colored hair are every wheretrending in styles from




I wanted to try both myself and trusted no other than Daisy Hair Design in So Cal

I really wasn’t to specific on what I wanted but had a list of intrest:
Dark brown

Needles to say Daisy didn’t have much direction, but accomplished exactly what I was looking for!

I feel fabulous and Chic and the pink really brought out my inner princess

How To Know When To Break Up.....With Your Shoes.

Shoes are arguably works of art in their own right; and wearing a good pair can make you feel like a fashionista masterpiece. 

But alas.,.. ..all good things must come to an end.

Ladies, we must learn to part un-emotionally from our partners of the daily (or nightly)  grind.

How To Know When It’s Time To Kick Those Babies To The Curb:

1. Take inventory, group shoes by color

2. Decide how much you need to eliminate - 25-50% 

3. Call or online book a charity thrift store pickup.

4. Inspect & Separate. torn, worn, ripped, haven't worn in 6months, etc)
I know it hurts, I loved these shoes..everyone thought they were Prada
I only got to wear these once!
5. Remove items that don't pass inspection.

6. Admire the extra space you have to fill up again!

March 25, 2012

I Beg To Differ...Color Contrast 101


You always want it whether you are painting or photographing.

When done correctly, it makes the subject matter POP!

So your subject matter doesn’t fade indistinctly into the background, from a distance.
I have made this rookie mistake myself. Sometimes you can play it to your advantage and swing it as a unique look.

Lets Look At Some Examples:

See how the filter I added to this photo changed the wall color to a minty green and makes the picture so much more interesting and adds so much character...   it starts to tell a story..

In this painting of mine, in my early stages of being a professional artist, I made a bo boo…not enough contrast between my subject matter and my background. This is a small painting as well, so when viewing from a distance the bulb of the sun flower stands out beautifully but seems to be just floating because the stem and leaves are camouflaged into the background L

There you have it freebie artistic tip O’ the day.

-Sheanna Marie

March 24, 2012

Custom Nail Polish, FREE!

50/50 Teal & Bright Yellow Green= Emerald Grass Green
If you are like me you like to be creative & look good too.
So here is a quick MONEY SAVING trick.

Bored with your same ole' nail polish color?
Hate how expensive a good polish can be?
Don't have room for all those bottles?

Here's An Idea! See what you have and get ready for a custom color palette!
use a small shot glass to pour in a bit of each color
mix well with selected applicator and brush on!

Make sure you mix enough for 2 coats on each hand. Color may be hard to match if you are not used to mixing ratios..start off with a 50/50 ratio till' you master it ;)

-Sheanna Marie

March 15, 2012

Simplify Your Mind..Turning a Complex Idea Into a Tangible Painting.

Ever have an idea so complex you are not sure how to actually convey it in one simple still frame form?
Let me help you with that..

Let Me Start With An Example:
My most recent painting 'Breaking Chains', as seen in the last video post, started as a very complex vision in comparison to the final product. 

My Minds Eye: 
With eyes closed during a church service I am listening to people sing, Break Every Chain. I begin to see a vision...
I see thousands of men and women naked & dirty in an open field, bent over & chained to the ground. I also see an army of angels in white radiant suits of armor on the hill over looking the people. The army charges down the hill with swords raised. They rush into the crowed of helpless people and bring their swords down on their chains, shattering them and freeing the people.

Process Of Elimination: 
The size of your canvas will have much to do with how much your idea will need to be simplified
What is the main point of this idea?  
Being freed from the metaphorical chains by the power of the Lord.
So from that I can decide that one human form will suffice to make the point. 
I will need chains. 
I will need a sword, which will easily represent a cross as well to represent the spiritual metaphor.
Even the angel itself became something I could eliminate.
I used the swirls of color to also represent the metaphorical emotional & spiritual battle taking place. Doing this also created a focus on the figure, chains, & sword.

March 9, 2012

Artist Are Changing The World. KONY2012

No matter what the media, art can & is making a major impact on the world. 

Many of you may already be familiar with the viral video KONY 2012 (if not follow the link). The KONY 2012 Project, for non-profit organization Invisible Children, is a prime example of how art can effect us emotionally. In fact, almost the entire KONY2012 movement is art based. Using social & visual media's to make Joseph Kony infamous.

Why, because when everyone know's who you are, you can't hide. We American's are very familiar with what even 15 minuets of national recognition can do. 

Another TAKE BACK MEDIA from big corporations and politicians and shine a light on what WE THE PEOPLE truly care about. To make News that is truly News worthy.

I will keep this short..but I URGE you to watch the KONY 2012 movie and do your research to make your own decision. 

If you find this of importance to you, think about how you can use your UNIQUE ARTISTIC VOICE to make a difference.

See you on the streets April 20th.

No child deserves to live in fear of abduction.
No child should be enslaved.
No child should be sexually assaulted.
No child should be forced to kill.


-Sheanna Marie

March 4, 2012

Tell me A Tale.. writing a compelling Bio and Press Release.

Whatever your business one thing is for need to know what YOUR story is. 
Let's start by noting the difference in a "Bio" and your "Business's Story/ Press Release"

BIO: should be short, contain your stats- name (duh), birthdate, hometown/s(?), "artist statement", brief background pertinent to your business

Business Story / Press Release: More in-depth but not a novel! (who wants to re-write their business plan anyway??)
Be Personal : Let the public in on YOUR UNIQUE story and what lead you to your current path.

Find your angle: (Write your story in 3rd person). When finding your story look for some thing unique and catchy about your individual circumstances...Got a unique muse? are you deaf? were you homeless? Remember people are already interested in what artistic people have to say; because artist express emotions in ways that their audience cannot, which is what connect artist to fan. So WRITE something YOU  would want to READ.  
(re-call all your creative and descriptive writing classes from school/college)

Happy Story Telling